About Us



Welcome to Kravig Red Angus - your source for superior Red Angus cattle in Eastern Colorado.  

We are located in Karval Colorado, which is approximately 80 miles east of Colorado Springs.  Here at Kravig Red Angus we have been raising top-notch Red Angus cattle for the past 20 years, and we strive to produce quality Red Angus cattle that are ready to go to work for our customers.  We always have, and always will breed and produce our cattle with the commercial cattlemen in mind.

We know the importance of low-maintenance, high efficiency cattle. We are proud to say that our CATTLE WORK FOR YOU, not the other way around.  We will not tolerate poor udders, poor structure, or poor disposition and for those reasons we maintain a cow herd with the following traits: moderate frame, easy fleshing, great disposition, a sound udder, and structural correctness. Our cows are expected to go out into our short grass prairie and start making a living, they never get pampered and if they can’t make it without help, they are going down the road.



Due to the uncertanity of Colorado weather and the costs associated with feeding a heavy bred cow through the winter months we have chosen to have a spring calving cow herd with our first calf usually arriving the first week of April. The calves are weaned at 180 days of age and the heifers are then turned out to pasture where they receive 7 tenths of a lb of cake per day for 90 days and minimal hay.  We do not believe in pushing our bulls for maximum gain and we can guarantee they will not be overly fat. We develop our bulls on 90 acres of grass and never give them more than 6 lbs of grain/hd/day, by developing the bulls like this we can ensure they will breed more cows without falling apart.

Efficient cattle are the key to success in this industry.  We do not pamper our cows, only feeding when it is absolutely  necessary and supplementing them minimally.  Like many of you, we want to have a deep bodied, easy keeping, cow with a good disposition and great udder.  Take a look at just a few of our cows and let them do the talking for us. 



Our Kravig Red Angus Annual Bull Sale takes place on the 2nd Tuesday of April each year. We typically offer 60 head of bulls and a select group of registered yearling heifers in the sale.

Every fall we purchase heifer calves back from customers who use our genetics.  These heifer calves are developed the same way as our own philosophy and are then bred in June and July.  These heifers then run on our short grass prairie all summer long and marketed each fall.

We always offer private treaty sales. Please contact us to see what we currently have available for private treaty.

Our Crew

Aaron Kravig


Aaron dreamed of being a rancher since he was little, watching and learning from his parents. He's always had a passion for Red Angus cattle. 

For 7 years, he served as an ag teacher and the FFA advisor for Karval High School, the school he attended himself. During the same time, he began building up his own Red Angus herd just down the road from his parents' ranch and where he grew up. He has served on several local, regional & national boards representing fellow cattlemen and Red Angus breeders. 

Currently, he serves on the National Red Angus Association Board as the Rocky Mountain Director and as President of the Colorado Red Angus Association. He also currently serves as an Insurance Agent for Ag Risk Advisors, in addition to running his ranch. His faith, family, friends, ranch, the agricultural industry and, especially, his two daughters are the things he's most passionate about in life.

Dennis & Lisa Kravig


Dennis grew upon the family homestead in Karval which was recognized by the Colorado Historical Society this year for being an 100-year family ranch. From a young age, he acquired the love of ranching and, when he started his herd, he raised polled Herefords, winning many honors and awards. He decided, since no one really wanted Herefords anymore, to start crossing Gelbviehs with Red Angus. After realizing that the Red Angus proved to have the ability to stay on the land and produce good cattle, he decided to stick with the Red Angus, which he has raised now for 30 years.

He and Lisa, who was raised in western Colorado and had to learn the ropes of the cattle business, had been working the ranch for over 30 years when their son Aaron came home from college and joined them. They have 3 other children, Kara Hass, Seth Kravig, and Mary Solze and are blessed to have not only Aaron living close by but also daughter Mary. One of their many blessings is their 7 grandchildren, with 4 of them whom live close by which they see often and the other 3 coming to visit periodically.

Kennadee & Hazel Kravig


Our little ranch helpers - Aaron's daughters. These girls light up the ranch every day with their laughter.

Kennadee just turned 5 years-old. She says her favorite part about living on the ranch is riding horses and being with Hazel.

Hazel recently turned 3 years-old. She says her favorite part about living on the ranch is just being outside during summertime on the ranch and also loves riding horses with Dad.

They both also say they enjoy getting to go to the local fairs and love all the animals, the rodeo and snow cones they get there.

The girls both started pre-school this year in Karval, the same little school the generations before them attended. During the week when they're not at school, they're usually either hanging with their dad, out helping with the ranch chores, or at Nonni & Papa's.